What's new?

Sep 9, 2005 - Please welcome BioX

I've been working on a new Mac application this summer. It's a graphical editor and toolbox for biological sequences and alignments, called BioX. A beta version is now available. Take a look at the BioX product page for information and downloads.

Some additional info and several screenshots are available in the latest issue of EMBnet.news (Issue 2005:3, download PDF).

May 4, 2005 - More Tiger info

Well, the Tiger has arrived and many of you have already upgraded. The main problem with ClipboardSharing on Tiger seems to be a crash that occurs when AutoSync is enabled. This is bad of course, but there is a workaround: populate the list of AutoSync'd computers with IP addresses instead of the "User @ Computer" names that are used by default.

Yeah I know, a bug fix would be a lot nicer than a workaround. But I'm afraid there will still be a few weeks before I get the chance to work on this, because school finals and several project deadlines are mercilessly approaching.

Apr 14, 2005 - Tiger

As you might know, Apple is about to release Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. Unfortunately it has been reported that ClipboardSharing 2.0.2 doesn't work very well on Tiger. I will start working on a ClipboardSharing update to fix tihs as soon as I get the time, but I can't give a date yet. Until then you might get it to work on Tiger if you turn AutoSync off.

Dec 6, 2003 - ClipboardSharing 2.0.2 released

Here we go again... another bug fix release. But this one also adds a German localization made by Emanuel Kühnel. Thanks Emanuel! More information and a download link is available from the ClipboardSharing page, of course.

Nov 3, 2003 - ClipboardSharing 2.0.1 released

ClipboardSharing just got a little bug fix update. Get it here! The bugs fixed are mostly related to the new AutoSync feature.

Oct 24, 2003 - ClipboardSharing 2.0 released

After several months without an update, I've finally finished ClipboardSharing 2! New features include AutoSync, a rule system, AppleScript support and Panther compatibility.