BioX icon First download and install the ebiotools package. Then download BioX 1.1b1 here.

Please note that this is a beta release. Use the software at your own risk.

The source code of any BioX version can be downloaded from the project site.

About BioX

Aiming to bring easy-to-use sequence analysis to Mac-using biologists, BioX features graphical editors for sequences and multiple alignments, and supports many different sequence file formats. Analysis functions include searching for patterns, primers, restriction sites and repeats, translation and back translation, calculating DNA melting temperature, dot plots and ClustalW alignment.

BioX takes advantage of the Unix underpinnings of Mac OS X by using command line sequence analysis tools from the ebiotools package, but presents them to the user with a friendly interface.

It is developed by Erik Lagercrantz in collaboration with Dr. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff of the Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics in Uppsala, Sweden.

Price and license

You are free to download and use BioX at no cost. The source code, available at the BioX project site, is released under the GNU GPL (General Public Licence).


You are very welcome to join or otherwise support the development. Please take a look at the project site for contact information.



BioX does not use X11 directly, but eBiotools needs X11 to be installed, and BioX uses eBiotools. X11 should be available in the Optional Installs package on your Mac OS X installation disc.

What's new in version 1.1b1?

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