You can download version 2.0.2 here. English, Swedish, and a new German localization are included. Look at the bottom of this page for the version history.

About ClipboardSharing

ClipboardSharing icon ClipboardSharing is a Mac OS X application that allows you to share the contents of your clipboard with other users, either across the network or locally. You can easily transfer just about anything that can be copied to the clipboard, including formatted text and images. The effect of this is that you can select something on one computer, copy it, and then quickly paste it on another computer.

ClipboardSharing Screenshot
ClipboardSharing uses Rendezvous to find peers on the local network, which makes it very easy to use. It is designed as a menu extra (or "status item"), so that it doesn't take up much space on your screen while still being easily available from any application.

As a bonus, it also remembers your previous clipboards. This is a simple approach to get multiple clipboards. You choose how many recent clipboards you want it to keep, and then you can easily restore one and paste in any application as usual. The recent clipboards can be saved to disk on quit, so that the they are available even after a reboot.

ClipboardSharing is quite customizable. It now has a rule editor and basic AppleScript support.

Price and license

ClipboardSharing is Donationware, which means that you may download and use it for free without any limits. However, if you happen to find it useful and feel that you want to help out in some way, donations of any size are always welcome and much appreciated. If you decide to donate, I recommend that you use PayPal by clicking this button:


To run ClipboardSharing you need Mac OS X Panther (version 10.3). Jaguar (10.2) might work but is untested.

What's new in version 2.0.2?

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